Our research focuses on understanding the benefits of having a sense of purpose across different life domains, including the promotion of health, wealth, and psychological well-being. Please check out our Current Projects page for more information!

The PATH Lab is taking on new undergraduate and graduate lab members to start in 2019. If you are a potential graduate student interested in joining the lab, feel free to contact Dr. Hill (patrick.hill@wustl.edu) with any inquiries and questions. Undergraduate students can reach out to Gabrielle Pfund (gabrielle.pfund@wustl.edu) for instructions and further information.

Undergraduate students interested in joining the lab should include the following information in their emails to Gabrielle:

  • year & major(s)/minor(s)
  • projects of interest
  • intent to volunteer or take for credit; if you are planning to take for credit, how many hours/week would you commit?
  • previous research experience (e.g. running participants, assisting with literature reviews, coding audio or visual data)