Our research focuses on understanding the benefits of having a sense of purpose across different life domains, including the promotion of health, wealth, and well-being. Please check out our Current Projects page or our individual profiles for more information!

The PATH Lab is taking on new undergraduate lab members to start in Fall 2022 and graduate lab members for Fall 2023. If you are a potential graduate student interested in joining the lab, feel free to contact Dr. Hill (patrick.hill@wustl.edu) with any inquiries and questions. Undergraduate students can reach out to Megan Wilson (meganwilson@wustl.edu) for instructions and further information.

Undergraduate students interested in joining the lab should include the following information in their emails to Megan:

  • year & major(s)/minor(s)
  • projects of interest
  • intent to volunteer or take for credit; if you are planning to take for credit, how many hours/week would you commit?
  • previous research experience (e.g. running participants, assisting with literature reviews, coding audio or visual data)