Current Lab Members

Patrick Hill


Dr. Hill’s research focuses on how individual dispositions influence outcomes associated with healthy aging and development across the lifespan. His recent work has examined the value of living a purposeful life, being dispositionally forgiving of others, as well as having a conscientious disposition. His research has focused on identifying developmental trends on these and other dispositional traits, the factors that influence their change trajectories over the lifespan, as well as the mechanisms linking them to positive (and negative) outcomes. In addition, Dr. Hill is a dog person.

Gabrielle Pfund


Gabrielle majored in Psychology and Hispanic Studies at Pepperdine University, from which she graduated in the Spring of 2018. Her research explores the way relationships and purpose shape each other. Her current research focuses on how romantic partners can help or hurt each other’s sense of purpose, and how similarities between sense of purpose levels and life goals predict relationship outcomes. Lastly, and also most importantly, Gabrielle is a dog person.

Lab Alumni

Gemma Baugh



Gemma is a former PATH Lab undergraduate research assistant. She studied Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology at WUSTL along with minors in Computer Science and Writing. She currently works as a research staff member in the Early Emotional Development Program at Washington University School of Medicine. Her recent research in the PATH Lab has looked at purpose across the United States and how purpose is associated with variables such as financial status and physical health when examined at the state level.

Felix Cheung


Dr. Cheung was a former postdoctoral research associate in the PATH lab. His research focuses on individual, familial, and societal predictors of mental health, with a particular focus on life satisfaction and subjective wellbeing. His research with the PATH Lab has examined societal and statewide correlates of purpose, and how income mobility influences societal wellbeing. Dr. Cheung is now a research assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong.