M.A. Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University – St. Louis

B.A. Psychology and Sociology, University of Missouri

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Twitter: @meeganwilson

Research Interests

Megan’s research centers around her broader goal of furthering issues related to diversity and inclusion. Megan is broadly interested in the relationship between discrimination and purpose in life, as well as identifying the personal and situational factors that lead an individual to engage in activism as their purpose in life.


Current Projects

  • In a sample of older adults, I have explored the relationships between everyday and major discrimination and sense of purpose, and explored how these relationships differ depending on one’s race and the perceived reason for discrimination.
  • I have begun coding on a psychobiography aimed at identifying the personal and situational factors that led Cori bush to engage in activism and politics.
  • In a representative sample of the St. Louis area, I aim to identify the factors that relate to engagement with different forms of activism (e.g., Black Lives Matter, March for Life).