Megan Wilson

Graduate Student

Megan’s (she/her) research centers around her broader goal of furthering issues related to diversity and inclusion. Megan’s current work examines the relationships between everyday and major discrimination and sense of purpose, and explores how these relationships differ depending on one’s race and the perceived reason for discrimination. She also aims to identify the factors that relate to engagement with different forms of activism (e.g., Black Lives Matter, March for Life). In her free time, Megan enjoys popcorn, movies, and a nice Chianti, preferably all together! She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching the Below Deck franchise, and taking walks in the park. Megan is also a cat person (but don’t tell her labmates).

Research Interest
  • Megan is interested in understanding the relationship between discrimination, activism, and sense of purpose.
  • She is interested in the personal and situational factors that lead an individual to engage in activism as their purpose in life.
  • Megan is also interested in the relationship between sense of purpose, activism, and engagement in health-promoting behaviors.
Select Publications
  • Wilson, M.E., & Hill, P. L. (2022). From adversity to activism: A psychobiographical case study of Cori Bush. Journal of Personality.
  • Lisnek, J. A., Wilkins, C. L., Wilson, M. E., & Ekstrom, P. D. (2022). Backlash against the #MeToo movement: How women’s voice causes men to feel victimized. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 25, 682-702.

M.A. Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University – St. Louis

B.A. Psychology and Sociology, University of Missouri

University Service

Outside of her research, Megan is committed to furthering DE&I initiatives in the department, university, and St. Louis area. Megan is the student chair of the Psychology Graduate Student Diversity Committee, and a student representative for the Psychological & Brain Sciences Departmental Diversity Committee. Megan also serves as the VP of Finance for the Graduate Student Senate. Outside of WashU, Megan also volunteers as a notary and election judge.