Pat Hill

Pat Hill

Associate Professor

Pat (he/him) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. His current research examines how sense of purpose may promote coping with stressors as well as engagement in health promoting behaviors. He is also interested in the role of personality dispositions on daily and long-term cognitive resilience. In his free time, Dr. Hill enjoys playing with his nieces, and going hiking (particularly in Utah). Pat is an avid Indiana University fan, and generally should not be interrupted during any of their games. 

Research Interests
  • Pat is interested in understanding the role of individual differences in promoting healthy aging.
  • His research often focuses on sense of purpose, future time perspective, perceived derailment, and forgivingness. 
  • He is particularly interested in how to promote positive transitions across the lifespan.
Select Publications
  • Hill, P. L., Klaiber, P., Burrow, A. L., DeLongis, A., & Sin, N. L. (In press). Great, purposeful expectations: Predicting daily purposefulness during the COVID-19 response. The Journal of Positive Psychology.
  • Hill, P. L., Burrow, A. L., & Allemand, M. (In press). Moving beyond promoting “happiness” in gerontology interventions. Age and Ageing.
  • Hill, P. L., Sin, N. L., Almeida, D. M., & Burrow, A. L. (In press). Sense of purpose predicts daily positive events and attenuates their influence on positive affect. Emotion.
  • Hill, P. L., Aschwanden, D., Payne, B. R.., & Allemand, M. (In press). Daily cognitive complaints and engagement in older adulthood: Personality traits are more predictive than cognitive performance. Psychology and Aging.

B.A. in Psychology and Economics, Indiana University

M.A. and PhD in Cognitive Psychology, University of Notre Dame

University Service

Patrick currently serves as the division head for Social and Personality Psychology, and the director of the brown bag for the division. If you are interested in attending a brown bag talk virtually, please reach out!