Here are the poster presentations which took place in McMillan Cafe, in McMillan Hall on Friday, October 27th from 3:30 to 4:30.

  1. Gemma Baugh, Felix Cheung, & Patrick L. Hill – America the Purposeful: A State-Level Analysis of Purpose and its Societal Correlates
  2. Leah Schultz, Joshua J. Jackson, Judy A. Andrews, & Patrick L. Hill – Early Child-Parent Conflict as a Predictor of Sense of Purpose in Adolescence
  3. Matthew J. Bundick, Emily Morton, Kathleen Remington, & Anne Colby: The Contours of Purpose Beyond the Self in Later Life
  4. Katlin Bentley & Tammy English – Social Network Diversity Moderates Enjoyment of Off-Color Racial Humor
  5. Isidro Landa & Tammy English – To Be or Not to Be (Myself): Why and How Social Fit Impacts Avoidance
  6. Carly Wolfer, Jami Ake, & Tammy English – Let’s Talk about Sexy, Baby: Emotional and Physical Communication between Casual Sexual Partners in the College Hookup Culture
  7. Rosario Majano & Anthony L. Burrow – Exploring the Role of Purpose in Sexual Risk-Taking
  8. Anthony L. Burrow & Patrick L. Hill – Purpose in Life and the Generation of Useful Explanations
  9. Kayla A. Burd & Anthony L. Burrow – Conceptualizing Similarities and Differences between Purpose in Life and Self-Affirmation in the Context of Threat
  10. Kaylin Ratner, Anthony L. Burrow, & Patrick L. Hill – Emerging Adults with Autistic Traits: Pathways to Purpose and Perceived Adult Status
  11. Daniel L. Rosenfeld & Anthony L. Burrow – Purposeful Eating: The Relationship between Dietary Motivation and Sense of Purpose in Life